What is a Website and Who Needs One

Let’s demystify things first. A website is simply a collection of documents , much like you would have on your computer, that display mostly text and images. These computer documents (files) are stored on
a special computer called a web server or web host, in a format that is compatible with applications called web browsers. When people browse the Internet, they can view these documents, provided they know where to look. The web host, or web server that stores the website files has a special address called an IP number, which is associated with a specific domain name. When that domain name is typed into the web surfer’s browser, the website being stored on that host is displayed.

and Who needs one?

Websites are used by anyone and everyone who wants to communicate with, market to or share information with the world through the magical technology of the Internet’s World Wide Web. Whether you want to have a website to sell a full line of products, show off pictures of your grandchildren, display your contact information like an electronic business card, promote an event, collect leads for a mailing list…or anything else you can think of this book will help you understand, in a step-by-step way, how you can
design, build, host, manage and offer your website to the world. People who have websites are called Webmasters, and it’s the job of the Webmaster to manage and maintain the website. This book assumes you already have a REASON for wanting to master a website – even if it’s just for the sake of learning how to build a website for the sheer fun of it! But you may be in need of a website for your business, church, club or school. In any event, the following steps will make it easier for you to become a bona fide
Webmaster…without needing to become a computer geek!

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