The Security Features You Need With Your Web Hosting Server Plan

April 18, 2017

If you want to keep your website and its data safe, you need to have the appropriate security features. These include Firewalls, SSL technology, Malware scanners, and Antivirus software. You can read more about them in this article. Firewalls can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and protect systems and data from attacks. They work through filtering, inspection, and capturing unauthorized traffic.

Firewalls To secure your web server

There are numerous benefits of installing firewalls as part of your web hosting server plan. Firewalls protect your data and infrastructure from hacking and other forms of online fraud. They can protect your site against DDoS attacks, which send massive amounts of traffic to your site and render it useless. Firewalls prevent some of these attacks, but they can’t stop every intrusion. To get the best results, use a high-quality firewall. It can also be configured to run in pairs. Firewalls can be configured to monitor traffic and notify you when there’s a problem.

You can also purchase hardware firewalls. A cloud-based service that specializes in edge technology can be a good choice. It captures all traffic before it reaches your web server, providing additional security to your website. You can use this service in conjunction with your web hosting server plan. However, you will have to pay a fee for this service. It starts at $9.99 a month for a basic package.

Preventing DDoS attacks

If you’re worried about security, you should consider investing in a proxy service firewall. This firewall serves as a gateway between your internal network and outside servers. These firewalls use stateful technology to filter messages at the application layer. Stateful firewalls analyze incoming traffic and filter it based on state, port, protocol, and administrator-defined rules. By preventing DDoS attacks, you’ll also protect your website from intrusions.

Protect your network from unwanted attacks

A good web hosting server plan will include a firewall. A firewall protects your network from unwanted attacks and protects your data. It can be software or hardware. Both can help protect your information. Firewalls come in different sizes and functions. Choose one based on your size and level of security. You will be happy when you do. So, go ahead and purchase a firewall as part of your web hosting server plan.

SSL technology

SSL technology is a great way to keep your website data safe. It encrypts messages between your web server and your clients. It also makes it impossible for someone to access your data. SSL encrypts snippets of data and sends a checksum number with them. These two factors are critical for secure website communication. SSL technology is essential for web hosting server security and should be included with any web hosting server plan.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This protocol encrypts data to protect it from eavesdropping. This protocol is common in web hosting. SSL enables secure connections between a web server and its visitors. It also helps protect sensitive information from hackers and improves search engine rankings. SSL is a good choice for any website.

Domain Validation certificate

In addition to SSL, you should get a Domain Validation certificate. This security feature checks that you own the domain or the company is authorized to operate that domain. The process is automated, but it can take up to a day. You should check your web hosting server’s SSL certificate installation and renewal process to make sure you’re getting the right one. SSL certificates are also essential if you’re planning to sell online or have other sensitive data.

Malware scanners

Many web hosts have malware scanners as part of their monthly plans. These scan your website’s files for threats such as XSS. Other malware scanners, such as sqlmap, scan web apps using the expertise of ethical hackers. Some of the best malware scanners can be found as part of your web hosting server plan. Malware scanners can be a valuable part of your overall security strategy.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a malware scanner, you might be wondering which program you should purchase. A good one will scan your entire web server for malware and other threats. Malware scanners can help protect your website from the many cyber threats that are out there. You’ll want a malware scanner that’s both free and paid, but you’ll have to choose one carefully. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find malware scanners in a variety of categories.

One of the most popular malware scanners is SiteLock, which will scan your website for malicious content and email or control panel alert if it finds anything. This feature is very important because a typical website can have thousands of vulnerable areas for malware to attack. If you don’t take action, you’ll face a wide range of consequences, including loss of data, suspension of your website, or blacklisting by search engines.

Malware infection

A malware infection can cause your website to become corrupted and store information that may not be accessible to your visitors. This can lead to huge losses for your organization. Malware scanners should be part of your web hosting server plan. 

There are many types of malware scanners available on the web, and you should find one that’s right for your website.

Besides installing malware scanners on your website, you should also install anti-virus software on your server. These are available from third-party vendors. Many web hosts also have anti-virus services integrated into their plans. These programs scan storage drives and detect malware, which can lead to attacks. Security researchers have cataloged millions of exploits online. You’ll also want to ensure that your data center guards against intrusions.

Antivirus software

You’re probably thinking of adding antivirus to your web hosting server plan. yes, It’s a good idea. In reality. 

There are a lot of free antivirus software programs out there. AVG and Kaspersky are popular but are not free options that provide excellent protection and sometimes cost you a dime. Unfortunately, hackers and malware creators will never stop trying to gain access to your computer. If you’re not using antivirus software, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and embarrassment. You can also install antivirus software for your server. The best of all, it’s free. So take this chance and start by using ClamAV

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