The Important Features of Shared Web Hosting

May 15, 2017

If you’re planning to use shared web hosting for your website, here are the main benefits of this type of hosting. These include cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and security. If you need more features, you can opt for a VPS server or WordPress dedicated hosting. While all these options are more expensive than shared hosting, they offer increased customization and performance. Shared hosting is ideal for beginning website users and sites with little traffic. You can always change to a different hosting environment later on.


The first step in determining the cost-effectiveness of a shared web hosting plan is to know your website’s requirements. Many websites are dynamic, meaning that the website content changes as the user browses the site. These dynamic websites can be hosted within a shared hosting plan, making maintenance costs lower than dedicated servers. However, you must pay special attention to how quickly your website loads. Generally, a page should load within three seconds, so it is important to consider the amount of time your visitors spend on your website.

The main advantages of cost-effective shared web hosting

The main advantages of cost-effective shared web hosting include the fact that it is a good option for new websites and for those with limited website management experience. Because a new website will have many unknowns, it is impossible to accurately estimate the amount of space and the CMS that will be needed. With shared hosting, you’ll be able to manage these unknowns easier. In addition, you’ll be able to save money on maintenance costs because shared hosting providers maintain the servers for you.

VPS Hosting plan advantages for larger websites

If you want unlimited bandwidth, you should opt for a VPS plan. These servers are divided into a number of virtual machines. They all share the same server, but each one gets a dedicated RAM allotment, disk space, and bandwidth. Because each VPS has its own server, it can perform independent operations. Compared to shared hosting, VPS provides webmasters more freedom and flexibility. It’s possible to run a different operating system, install a different script, and use unique software.

However, shared hosting has its downsides. Shared web hosting is a lot cheaper than dedicated hosting, as multiple sites share one server. However, there are many sites on one server, and you won’t know which ones will be hosted alongside yours. In addition, the other websites will be using the same resources. In other words, their website may not be as effective as yours, as its performance will depend on those of the other websites on the server.

Get the flexibility you need for your website

Most people have heard of shared web hosting, but what is it really? A simple plan that will let you host multiple websites with one shared server is all about shared hosting. You share the same costs of the server with multiple users, so you can expect your hosting costs to be relatively low. Additionally, shared hosting allows you to scale up as your business grows since many users share the cost of maintaining the server. And because shared hosting is simple to manage, you can scale your plan with little effort.

When you are looking to build a website, you should consider shared web hosting. The cheapest type of web hosting is shared hosting, because multiple sites share the same server. Shared web hosting is a great choice for new websites that need basic resources and moderate traffic. Because of its flexibility, shared hosting plans are scalable for almost any need. A single shared hosting plan can handle most of the needs of a website and will allow your business to expand when it’s ready.

The most secure web hosting options are available with shared plans.

The world’s shared web hosting companies offer the most secure web hosting options. With free SSL certificates, automated backups, and DDoS protection, the best hosting companies provide their customers with the highest level of security and privacy. Although cloud infrastructure is the fastest-growing segment of the web hosting market, it is still susceptible to outages and can be attacked by hackers. Unfortunately, nearly one-third of businesses fail to protect themselves online. To avoid such situations, secure, shared web hosting is essential.

Most shared web hosting plans include cPanel, website management, and resource protection. You can choose an advanced feature package if you wish to protect your website and its data. You can upgrade your plan with unique IPs, site locks, and content delivery networks, among other features. You can even get spam protection. These extras make shared web hosting a safe and reliable option for your business website. There are also many shared hosting plans with the highest uptime guarantees.

Lower maintenance cost and save your time and efforts

A shared web hosting service is a good option for those who want to save money on web hosting but do not have the time to maintain a server themselves. The good thing about this type of hosting is that it is easy to deploy and maintain, and it requires minimal technical expertise. However, it is important to remember that shared hosting services often do not function well, especially when your website has high traffic. Therefore, you must plan for your future growth carefully.

A shared web hosting account with multiple domains

A shared web hosting account with multiple domains can be a great choice if you intend to run more than one site. This is because the server resources are divided among several websites. This way, you can pay one fee for all your websites and manage them all from one control panel. However, this option is not without its limitations. You may not have enough space and bandwidth for several domains if you host only one site on one account.

When choosing a hosting provider, make sure to check their multiple domains’ capability. Some companies limit the number of domains they allow, while others allow unlimited domains. Make sure to consider your future needs when choosing a host. While each website will consume bandwidth, it may be necessary to purchase additional resources during heavy months. Moreover, you should check the server resources and the bandwidth. Using a provider that offers both will simplify your domain management.

Shared hosting services utilize a single physical server to host many websites. The number of sites may range from a few hundred to thousands depending on the server’s resources. Moreover, shared hosting is identical to a dedicated server in that it stores user files and applications in separate directories and partitions. Hence, there is no root directory for users. However, shared hosting services offer many benefits to small websites. In addition to low cost, shared hosting plans are easy to manage.

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