The cloud is complex.
But it's easy with us.

You can depend on cloud computing services with predictable pricing, developer-friendly options, and scalability you will love.

99.99% Uptime

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Cloud computing
with simplicity at its heart

A comprehensive range of networking, storage, database, and compute products can be used to build robust applications.

scale up with confidence

You can scale up with confidence

You can keep costs under control even when scaling your apps by using predictable, affordable pricing.
Our 14 global data centers allow you to expand your business and offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

In seconds, one to thousands of droplets can be quickly provisioned

You will have the flexibility to move quickly. You can choose your Droplet plan and then customize it.

You can deploy your custom image, 1-Click app, or standard distribution.

You can skip the configuration and installation and get to deploying your code.

Select a type and size

You can choose from either Basic Plans with a mixture of memory and shared CPUs or Performance Plans which provide hyper-threads using the best-in-class Intel processors.

Global availability

You can deploy your Droplets to get reliable connectivity and flat pricing in 8 different data center regions.

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